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4 Tips for College-Age Drivers!

4 Tips for College-Age Drivers!

At Bay Auto Zone, located in Toronto, ON, we have a great selection of pre-owned vehicles, but we really specialize in selling used BMW and used Mercedes-Benz models. We have a great inventory to choose from, so no matter what competing European luxury brand you go with you'll be in great hands.

Today, though, we want to focus on Back to School and at our dealership we've seen plenty of parents and college students stop in to look for a vehicle they can travel away in. We've come up with some tips to make sure your young driver is prepared to have a car while they're at school.

  • If their car doesn't have a built in navigation system make sure they bring in a plug-in model every time they leave the car, cutting down on theft risks.
  • Make sure they keep small amounts of cash ($20-$30) in the glove compartment. This can be used for emergency gas, calling a taxi in case they can't drive, or parking garage fees; it's better to be safe than sorry.
  • If they don't have one already, send a "car care package" that includes jumper cables, a tire iron, washer fluid, and a flashlight, in case they break down.
  • Even for the older generation maps are seen as a bit obsolete, but it doesn't hurt to have one in a seat pocket in case they get lost or in an area with poor GPS reception.

Sending kids off to college can be stressful and sending them off with a car can add to the nerves. But with tips like these you'll know they have the tools in case anything comes up!

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