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All-New 2018 Toyota Camry Still Promises Long-Term Reliability

All-New 2018 Toyota Camry Still Promises Long-Term Reliability

If you’ve heard of the Toyota Camry, you might have heard the word “dependable” bandied about. But as reliable as this midsize sedan is over the long term, the Japanese automaker has been taking steps towards making it more fun to drive without erasing the essentials. This has become particularly noticeable in the 2018 model.

More stylish, and packed with features, the 2018 Camry promises to sell like hotcakes. But what does all this new tech mean for its long term dependability? We’re happy to report that the same philosophy Toyota has taken with every Camry has been taken with the latest model. Unlike other automakers, who tend towards turbocharged engines, stop-start, or a CVT, the Camry retains naturally-aspirated engines that get up to 39 mpg highway, and offer impressive power to boot.

We’re confident that you’ll get thousands of miles out of any Camry on our lot. To learn more about it, and other used cars we have on our lot, contact our showroom right here in Toronto, ON.

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