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Bay Auto Zone Can't Get Enough of this Crazy Used Car Test Drive

Bay Auto Zone Can't Get Enough of this Crazy Used Car Test Drive

If you're familiar with Pepsi MAX, they have an
interesting ad campaign where they disguise athletes and send them in to
different situations. The idea is to show all of us that looks can be
deceiving. In the most recent example, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon dons some
makeup and walks in to a used car dealership to test out a Camaro, and the
results were quite amazing.

Sure, there was a little bit of editing involved,
but the premise was quite good. We know that at Bay Auto Zone
if this happened to any of our sales team, we'd probably have the same shocked
reaction as the guy in the video did.

Gordon acts like he's never driven a sports car before,
and the sales team member convinces him to take a test drive. After a few
seconds of stalling, Gordon starts flooring the vehicle, and performs a few
expert driver moves like a donut and handbrake turn with precision. This of
course, sends the salesman in to a tizzy, as he's worried about the car, and
himself. He even starts laying out the legal ramifications to the in-disguise
Gordon, and is all worked up until the very end, when it's revealed he was part
of a big set-up.

While we had a good laugh at the whole thing, we
hope nobody tries it on us. Let's just reiterate the "professional driver,
closed course" disclaimer on the bottom of the ad. But, if you are looking
to try out a used
for your next ride, stop in and see us at Bay
Auto Zone
. We're conveniently situated at 1017 Finch Ave. W
in Toronto, ON
and are happy to answer questions and detail all the
vehicles available in our showroom.


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