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Check Out How Audi's Quattro System Handles in the Snow

Check Out How Audi's Quattro System Handles in the Snow

If you've ever owned an Audi,
chances are you know a thing or two about its 'quattro' AWD drivetrain. If not,
you'll find the explanation helpful--especially those of you who read our
previous post about how
to recover from a skid

The quattro system works through an intelligent
drive system that diverts torque to the axles that need it most. As you'll see in
the video, the technology has gone through several iterations over the last
30-odd years, with the most recent being available on several of the
models on our lot.

Interested in seeing the Audi quattro in action in
the snow? Check it out below.

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luxury needs, the folks here at our Toronto, ON are here to
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help match you up with one of our quality vehicles.

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