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Clean winter off your Luxury Car with a Detailing at Bay Auto Zone

Clean winter off your Luxury Car with a Detailing at Bay Auto Zone

Whether you drive a car that could be slotted into the "affordable sedan" segment, or prefer to be behind the wheel of a new or used luxury vehicles, at Bay Auto Zone we know that a good percentage of people like to have a good looking car; it's all about pride.

However, if you drive a luxury vehicle you probably put more time into making sure it looks immaculate, which is why the winter season can be especially frustrating. With the dirt, salt, and slush that is rampant during the winter in Toronto, ON, your beautiful BMW can go from looking like a masterpiece to a work of art created by a first-year art student...and not that one that is a prodigy.

With extreme weather still on the horizon, it will be awhile before it is warm enough to start giving our cars a good cleaning in your own driveways. If you want your vehicle to look good from inside out come visit our Car Detailing center.

Our detailing experts will give your car a 4 stage buff, polish and wax. They also do interior detailing that will leave your carpet and interior feeling fresh and new. Save $50 by getting the full detailing package that includes interior, exterior, and also an engine wash, because we realize not everyone feels comfortable going under the hood.

We want to make sure you feel great driving around this buzzing city and after a detail we're positive you will. Contact us for more information.

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