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Different Cars Have Different Needs--Do You Know Yours?

Different Cars Have Different Needs--Do You Know Yours?


The team at Bay Auto Zone knows the importance of adjusting maintenance for different types of cars; obviously, a luxury coupe requires a different maintenance schedule than, say, an economy sedan for families. Most drivers in Toronto, CA know this too, and they plan accordingly.

But, if you're not thinking about what type of oil you're putting into the engine of your high-mileage car, then you're not really listening to what your car needs from you!

Engines with 75,000 miles, 150,000 miles, or more need extra protection from the wear and tear, of everyday life and the heat and pressure of moving components. And basic, generic engine oils may not be enough. Fortunately, our auto parts center is fully-stocked with the very best high-mileage, synthetic, synthetic blend, natural, and high-performance formulas to keep your low-mileage luxury car, or your trusty old station wagon, running like new.

See how these blends, like Valvoline's Full Synthetic High Mileage with MaxLife Technology, works to protect your engine and its components.

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