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Helpful Tips on How to Recover from a Skid

Helpful Tips on How to Recover from a Skid

The snow is falling, the ice is forming, and even
if you have winter tires you might find the road conditions a bit questionable
at best. So when you're driving through the slush and you lose control, what do
you do? Well, Bay Auto Zone is here to help you with some quick and simple
steps to get out of different kinds of skids.

Number One: the Wheelspin

This one is when you try to accelerate and the wheels spin but you
don't move. Simply let off the accelerator and give your wheels time to catch
up; hitting the gas too aggressively on slick surfaces will get you nowhere,

Number Two: the

This is when you go to take a corner but your car just isn't turning.
Turning the wheel harder into the corner will only lead you to spin out; what
you want to do is apply the brake gently while steering into
the turn at a shallow angle. You have the best traction with slight steering
inputs, so don't crank the wheel.

Number Three: the

This is when you turn too hard into a corner and find yourself spinning
out. There are different methods for front-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles.
For front-wheel, apply the gas gently and steer slightly in the correct
direction. For rear-wheel drive, take your foot off the gas
and the brake before steering in the right direction.

These aren't the only kinds of skids, of course;
head on over to
to get more details on the rest. If you're in need of a quality used vehicle
that will serve you faithfully in all weather conditions, come on down to our Toronto,
location today! Until we see you, keep on driving

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