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How to Keep Your Ride on the Road and Running

How to Keep Your Ride on the Road and Running

If you are driving around Toronto, Ontario in a used car from our dealership then we would like to help you keep chugging for many more miles with a few quick tips.  Take a look below to learn how to get the most out of your vehicle and turn it into the Energizer Bunny:

  • An overlooked method to keeping your car running longer is choosing to actually not drive when a trip can be made by another form of transportation.  Short trips are far more detrimental on a ride than a longer one, so if a carpool, public transportation or some good old fashioned exercise is possible make that happen.
  • Driving your ride properly when in motion is also crucial, be gentle to your vehicle and it will return the favor with a smoother longer lasting lifespan.
  • Having an ongoing and open relationship with the professionals in our service centre is also important, as they can take care of all the maintenance your ride needs.  Keeping up to date with scheduled service will make sure your ride is ready for the future, and if an issue arises getting in immediately and taking care of the problem can make a major difference.
  • In terms of what you can do yourself to keep your car running there are plenty of things from simply not carrying around heavy cargo to changing oil and other fluids on a regular basis.  In addition, washing your ride will make it look good and feel good on the road.

If you keep up with all of these tips your ride will remain tougher than Tie Domi or Wendel Clark while on the road.  Each one of the above advices will go a long way in keeping your vehicle happy and healthy, and ultimately ready to take you on many more miles and adventures.

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