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Keep Your Car Squeaky Clean with These Tips from Bay Auto Zone

Keep Your Car Squeaky Clean with These Tips from Bay Auto Zone

Does it feel like you can't ever keep your car
clean because you're constantly always too busy? At Bay Auto Zone,
we totally understand, and we might have a solution for you. Just follow these tips, and your ride will be
tidy and clutter free.

To start, you're going to want to clean your
entire vehicle. Remove the trash, as well as any other unwanted items. If you have a family promote the idea that
the car is a clean space at all times. You will likely see immediate benefits such as more space, and a better
smelling vehicle.

Another thing you might want to consider doing for
your vehicle is considering adopting a "six-month rule."  The six-month rule means that you remove
seasonal items from your vehicle. If you
haven't used a particular item for 6 months, it's time to remove it from your
car. That volleyball and pair of flip
flops in your backseat? You're likely not using them in the middle of January,
just like you probably aren't using that pair of gloves in July.

  These two
simple rules will allow you to keep a clean car. We encourage you visit Bay
Auto Zone to learn more about inventory of gently used vehicles. Our dealership is located at 3951 in 1017
Finch Ave in W. Toronto, ON.

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