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Keep Your Car Stocked with these On-the-Go Essentials

Keep Your Car Stocked with these On-the-Go Essentials

When it comes to keeping your car stocked with emergency related essentials, what do you tend keep on hand? For many Toronto area drivers, the usual items include the required: license, registration and insurance. If you're anything like our team though, then you've got far more than those items hiding away in the trunk of your car. For a few lighthearted suggestions of what to keep in your car, check out the video below:

While you might want to keep some of those items in your car, we're sure that you won't want to have all of them, especially the duct tape. That's why we suggest narrowing down the list and starting with these essentials:

  • A tire repair kit: Whether this means keeping a spare tire or a tire sealer in your trunk, you should have something that'll have you ready for the perils of having a flat tire.
  • Jumper cables: No one wants to get behind the wheel only to start their car and find out that their battery has died! Fortunately, if you have jumper cables in your car, a dead battery is an easy fix.
  • A first aid and emergency kit: Whether this means having Band-Aids and gauze on hand or a flashlight, you should always be prepared for an emergency.

While you shouldn't make it your goal to equip your car like a doom's day prepper, it's always better to be over prepared. To learn more about what you should be keeping in your trunk, or to explore our comprehensive inventory of used cars, we invite you to swing by our Toronto, ON showroom today!

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