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Make Like an Ant and Rechtsfahrgebot!

Make Like an Ant and Rechtsfahrgebot!

Stop and go traffic can the most frustrating thing to drive in. But why does it happen? You know traffic gets congested when there are too many cars on the road, but why? Ants travel along "highways" similar to cars, but their speed doesn't slow no matter how many ants are sharing the road.

So, how do ants avoid stop-and-go traffic? Other than not needing to worry about crashing, or keeping to exact lanes, the ant's greatest advantage is in cooperative behavior. The ants give each other right of way, and aren't constantly trying to pass each other.

One way to apply this cooperative behavior to human drivers is to remember the principal of rechtsfahrgebot. You'll see signs posted for "Rechtsfahrgebot" all along the German Autobahn, where many of our brands like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz call home.

It simply means "keep right."

Use the right-most lane for traveling, and the left hand lanes only when passing (or at busy exits).

Come visit Bay Auto Zone for great German-engineered used cars, and more driving trivia.

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