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Mercedes-Benz M-Class Earns Elusive Safety Accolade

Mercedes-Benz M-Class Earns Elusive Safety Accolade

Even though Bay Zone Auto deals
exclusively in the sales of used luxury vehicles in the
Toronto area, we still have a large interest in the latest industry
news surrounding our favorite brands. Today we have an exciting headline from
the world of Mercedes-Benz.

appears that the newest version of the Mercedes-Benz
has earned a Top Safety Pick+ Award. This would be
great news on its own, but we should also add that 2014 M-Class is the first
Mercedes-Benz production model to earn this coveted safety award.

The title of Top Safety Pick+ is a fairly new addition to the
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's grading schema. After realizing that
many automakers were achieving the highest rank of "Top Safety Pick,"
the automotive safety organization decided to raise the bar to further
differentiate safe cars from the safest. We are now happy to report that the
Mercedes-Benz M-Class has entered the latter group.

This new version of the M-Class sports some extra reinforced
doors that better protected those in the vehicle cabin in the event of a small
frontal overlap. That means the vehicle is safer in the event of a head-on
collision with a tree or telephone pole.

Even though safety is not typically the top concern for those
looking to purchase used
vehicles, we understand that protecting your
passengers is always important. You can learn more about all the used
models we currently have in stock here at Bay
Zone Auto by visiting our showroom. Located at 1017 Finch Avew. W.
Toronto, ON
, our dealership is staffed by professionals who are
always ready to answer any questions you may have.




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