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New BMW i8 has us Looking Forward to a Future of Sporty Hybrids

New BMW i8 has us Looking Forward to a Future of Sporty Hybrids

Even though Bay Auto Zone
specializes in sales of used
luxury cars
here in Toronto, we still
enjoy following news about the newest vehicles to come from our favorite brands.
Most recently we have been keeping our eyes on the BMW i8
that was unveiled just a few weeks ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The BMW i8 represents some of the most cutting-edge
hybrid technology currently in existence. Engineers and designers at BMW
constructed the i8 as a model that combined the performance of a sports car
with the healthy green attitude of a hybrid.

The i8 is a 2+2 plug-in hybrid sports car built with
speed and efficiency in mind. The i8 is outfitted with a 1.5-liter
turbocharged, three-cylinder engine that can churn out a remarkable 231 horsepower.
On top of that, there is also a very capable electric motor which supplies an
extra 131 horsepower to the front wheels. That is a total of 362 horsepower and
zero to 62mph. time of just 4.4 seconds.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency, the i8 has
some very futuristic looks which provides an extremely aerodynamic shape. BMW
states that the i8 is ready for production and we should see them on the road
by spring of next year.

Here at Bay Auto Zone we say the sooner the i8
comes to market the sooner we will get a supply in our inventory of used BMW
vehicles here in Toronto. Located at 1017 Finch Ave. W Toronto,
, our dealership strives to provide excellent sales and auto service
to drivers in and around the Toronto area.


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