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New Tire Technology Amazes Bay Auto Zone

New Tire Technology Amazes Bay Auto Zone

While we offer a wide selection of used
to drivers in the greater Toronto,
area here at Bay Auto Zone, we like to
stay on
top of the latest automotive technology. That's because there's always
you can outfit to your vehicle, and improve your experience behind the
Today, we'd like to discuss some innovative new tires would certainly be
practical for all of us.

The general rule of thumb for determining if you
need a new set of tires was to stick a coin between the tread. Now, the
will be able to tell us when it's time.

The Discolor Tyre (that's how it's spelled using the king's English), designed by Gao Fenglin and Zhou Buyi, has a
rubber underneath the black surface of a tire. When the tread gets worn
to a
certain point, the bright orange will reveal itself and let you know
ready to get new ones. Of course, you'll also be able to spot and tears
leaks in your tire this way as well. Both designers believe you can get
miles out of their Discolor Tyres before you'll see the

Pretty cool, right?

Of course, there are still a few hurdles for these
innovative new tires to jump through before we see them on the
Still, we remain hopeful.

If you'd like to learn more car tips or about some
of the technology coming out of the automotive world, subscribe to the
Bay Auto Zone

In the meantime, you can stop in and visit our
showroom of gently used luxury vehicles located at 1017 Finch
Ave. W
Toronto, ON
where we'd be happy to discuss used car options
with you
and answer any questions you might have.


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