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Post-winter cleanup tips to ensure vehicle vitality

Post-winter cleanup tips to ensure vehicle vitality

Is your vehicle ready for spring now that winter is
over? Here at Bay Auto Zone, we recommend that you
revitalize your car by giving it a good spring cleaning and helping to reduce
the adverse effects of winter (especially harmful, corrosive road salt). Here's
a few tips from the team about what you can do for your car this

1. First and foremost, wash your car to get rid of
residual road salt! Pay special attention to your undercarriage, where
corrosive salt and winter debris like to hide. Here's a great do-it-yourself
video on how to refresh your vehicle this season:

2. Rotate your tires. Snow tires are meant for
winter, and wear quickly on dry roads. All-season tires work well for the
warmer seasons.

3. Check your fluid levels to prevent future
breakdowns and inconveniences. Your car worked hard to get through winter
precipitation, so it's likely that your levels are low; this includes power
steering, brake, and transmission fluid, engine oil, antifreeze/coolant, and
windshield washer solvent.

4. Pay attention to your brakes. After a season of
snow, ice, and salt, you might need a brake pad change. Schedule an
at our service

Of course, if you decide you want to start spring
fresh, you can always explore the used
at our 1017 Finch Ave. location
in W. Toronto, ON.

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