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Safe Autumn Driving Starts with Routine Maintenance Checks

Safe Autumn Driving Starts with Routine Maintenance Checks

When treacherous Toronto, ON road conditions throw you for a loop, you may try to combat the situation based on an educated guess or maybe even just a gut reaction. Sometimes things turn out in you favor, sometimes you're lucky, sometimes you actually know what you're doing and sometimes you end up with a totaled vehicle.

There's a definite science behind driving safely on wet autumn roads and it starts with some routine maintenance before you even hit the pavement. Low tire pressure and tread are contributing factors to loss of traction, as are the amount of rain and leaves on the road. Tackle the first two with a trip to the Service Center here at Bay Auto Zone a new set of tires.

Want to know more about how to travel safely on wet roads? Tune in to the Weather Channel video clip below and contact our dealership with any additional questions. We'd love to hear from you!

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