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The future is nigh at Bay Auto Zone

The future is nigh at Bay Auto Zone

In case you haven't noticed, this industry of ours moves awfully fast. Not only are these beauties on our lineup getting safer, greener and meaner by the year, but, before long, they'll be taking the wheel from us here at Bay Auto Zone.

As you may  have heard, automakers far and wide have been hard at work developing autonomous driving systems to launch their lineups into the future and make the road a safer place by taking human error out of the equation. If this all sounds like something out of the realms of science fiction, then you'll want to give a watch to the video below; because once you see Audi A7 drive itself down the expressway, don't be surprised if you start drinking the Kool-Aid.

Until our used cars start driving us to work, feel free to take them for a good old-fashioned test drive at our dealership here in Toronto, ON. What will they think of next?

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