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The Simple Beauty of a Classic BMW Ad

The Simple Beauty of a Classic BMW Ad

There's a lot going on in modern commercials for
BMW vehicles. With epic music, clear engine notes, lots of
features and details being shown, and often a voiceover that tells you just
what you want to know, there's a lot of enticement there. However, back in
Germany in the 1970's, BMW commercials were much simpler. This one we found,
featuring a 70's BMW 02 Series Cabriolet, has little more
than some charming music and visuals of a man in his car and the woman on a
train he's going to meet up with. Check it out:

The moral states, "Wer sich mit einem BMW
einläßt, kommt nicht mehr von ihm los," which translates roughly to,
"Whoever buys a BMW can never bear to be apart from it." We certainly
agree and we'd love to show you just what we mean. Come in to Bay Auto Zone in
Toronto, ON and see all that our selection of used BMW
models have to offer.

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