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Things Bay Auto Zone Expects to See in Used Cars in Coming Years

Things Bay Auto Zone Expects to See in Used Cars in Coming Years

At Bay Auto Zone, we're always looking ahead to
the newest and latest technology within the auto industry. Our reasoning
this is simple, these cars will become used and will eventually make their
way to
our dealership and become available for drivers in the
Toronto area to
purchase. We stumbled across a very interesting article from
that goes over five features found on today's
vehicles that
we want to share with you.

The first feature is inflatable seat belts. These
harnesses come equipped with mini airbags and will inflate when an
occurs. These seat belts help distribute the impact of accident over a
range which can help reduce injury's.

Fatigue monitoring is pretty self-explanatory;
this device keeps you from falling asleep behind the wheel. Based on
steering habits, and lane departures, it will warn you and keep you

Tire inflation is another new feature; this system
will tell you when you're finished by honking your vehicles horn once.
If you
go over too much the horn will honk three times. Bay Auto Zone of
Toronto is
really interested in this particular vehicle feature.

One of the more convenient features it the
foot-operated trunk release. If you have too much stuff in your hands
you can
pop your trunk by sliding your foot under the bumper. We think this is

Last but not least, we're really excited about the
noise canceling cabins that are popular on some of the newer models. It provides
drivers with a calm ride without distractions from the outside

These vehicles will someday make their way into
our used inventory. Until then, we encourage you to stop and check out some of the
used models within our lineup, our dealership is located at
1017 Finch Ave. W
in Toronto
. We look forward to meeting with you



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