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What's the Difference Between Genuine Parts and Aftermarket Parts?

What's the Difference Between Genuine Parts and Aftermarket Parts?

Many shoppers in Toronto buy used luxury vehicles because they can get bigger thrills for a smaller cost. So too, they like to do their own repairs and maintenance. For those who love to work on their own vehicles, the Bay Auto Zone Parts Centre can help, by providing you with genuine OEM parts.

So, what's the difference between genuine parts and aftermarket parts? It can be big! Genuine parts are higher quality. How do we know? Well, they come from the OEM, whereas aftermarket parts are made by a third party and aren't necessarily specialized for any specific vehicle. Doesn’t it make sense to use Lexus parts for your Lexus? Or BMW parts for your BMW? That's what happens when you use genuine OEM parts.

Because genuine parts are higher quality, they tend to last longer. That leads to long term savings, because you won't need to do as many repairs in the future. So order your needed genuine OEM parts today from our Parts Centre, and have a better repair!

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