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Winterize Your Car for Holiday Travels with Bay Auto Zone

Winterize Your Car for Holiday Travels with Bay Auto Zone

Just like you and your family, your car's clean bill of health relies on periodic checkups. It's no secret that a skipped oil change, a screeching belt or a set of worn tires can lead to more severe damage, and during the winter months these maintenance checks are even more important.

Firstly, the subzero temperatures, heavy snowfall and icy roads can exasperate an existent problem. Secondly, holiday travels can create significant wear on your vehicle or simply push a tired belt, low fluids or a dying engine to its breaking point. Don't get stranded on the side of the road in a winter storm. Get your car serviced here at Bay Auto Zone before you leave. We can check the tire tread and pressure, check your fluid levels and more so you'll arrive safely to your holiday destination.

And don’t forget to pack the essentials in case of a an emergency. Car care expert Lauren Fix has all the information you need for safe holiday travels in the video below:

It's important to make your appointment with our Service Centre as soon as possible due to the holiday rush, so don't wait! Keep your family safe on Toronto, ON roads and beyond by winterizing your car here at Bay Auto Zone.

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